Two Bedroom Apartment Modern Luxury at Alexan Downtown

When you find yourself in search for a luxury apartment in a new urban environment, in our case Houston, then having a roommate by your side can really make the whole process much easier on the both of you in adjusting and becoming comfortable in your new atmosphere. The search for the perfect place to do that is filled with many factors, like amenities, neighborhood choices, and floor plans. If you’re looking for a place with luxury amenities, a great local scene, and the perfect two bedroom apartment floor plan, then look no further than Alexan Downtown, and our B1 model floor plan, which provides the ultimate luxury for two.


The B1 features two spacious bedrooms, two large walk-in closets, and two bathrooms, one of which featuring a standing shower, and the...

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Discovery Green Near Alexan Downtown

When looking for an apartment, especially in Houston, you can afford to be a little picky because of the amount of options you have to choose from. This means that you can decide what’s important to you, your needs and wants, and can more than likely find somewhere that offers your ideal amenities, floor plan, and local spots. With Alexan Downtown, we pride ourselves on being able to satisfy...

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The Houston Apartment Community Amenities at Alexan Downtown in Houston

When searching for an apartment in Houston, there are many different areas to choose from, as well as many different apartments in those areas, however when you’re searching for a luxury apartment in Downtown,...

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The Best Apartment Amenities with Alexan Downtown

When searching for an apartment in Houston, the location is important, as different sides of Houston offer different perks and attractions. For those who find themselves drawn downtown, there is no better choice for...

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Efficiency Apartment Luxury at Alexan Downtown

Sometimes finding the right floor plan is what seals the deal on a new apartment, and making that search easier is only natural for us at Alexan Downtown, as we offer a floor plan for almost any individual or a pair...

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