A Houston Apartment Community Conscious of Health

Everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, even if it takes a little bit of work and patience to get to it. Taking at least fifteen minutes of your day to exercise or setting yourself on a diet can make all the difference, allowing you to boost your immune system, metabolism, and overall mood. Our luxury apartment community at Alexan Downtown makes it easy to carry out a fitness plan ideal for your needs, thanks to our versatile amenities and features for every step of the way.

Our state-of-the-art fitness center is the ideal exercise stop, whether you’re breaking in your new running sneakers and yoga mat or if you’re already a gym pro. Maximize your workout and results on our modern strength training and cardio equipment, or practice yoga to perfect your...

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Houston Apartments with Modern Tech and Classic Comfort

The newest technology seems to always make our lives easier, even if it’s something as simple as saving a few second of spare time with its every use. Our phones are now miniature computers in our pockets, our...

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One-Bedroom Apartments for Calm Meditation in Houston

The brain, much like any other muscle in the human body, can experience fatigue and excessive strain from stress and repetitive trials. For those moments when you feel you need a mind reset, our beautiful luxury...

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An American Pastime Close to Home

There’s something truly special about baseball: it’s still considered to be America’s sport today, and there are so many teams and leagues that you can enjoy, either in the big stadium, out at the local bar, or in the comfort of your home. Everyone knows that the best games should be experienced live, and here at our luxury apartments in Alexan Downtown, we make it easy for Houston...

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An Apartment Community Born for Weekends in Houston

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t at least appreciate the weekend: those two – or more, in rare cases – days in which you have complete freedom of your schedule, where you don’t have to worry...

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